Screen Printing



We offer a variety of custom t-shirt printing options.  

The technique of screen printing is an ancient process.  It is one of the most economical and most popular ways that custom t-shirts are made. Screen printing basically spreads layers of ink, pressed through a screen onto  a garment.  Each different color requires it’s own screen.  This method is very durable and long lasting.  It is generally less expensive for large quantity orders of a single design, and is not recommended for smaller quantity runs.  

The attention to detail that goes into the screen printing process is critical to the production of superior quality products, screen printing is an art form.

Screen Printing using the 4 color process method.  This process provides lots of color options and can have a photo realistic result but is recommended for light colors only.    It is not as cost effective as regular screen printing and is recommended for large quantities.

With the transfer process, a design is printed onto material and that material is then applied to a garment using a heat press.  This process can produce high quality designs.  This process is not recommended for large quantities.  

This process is not actually printing but uses a machine to cut high quality CAD Cut Vinyl.  A common use for this, are team names or numbers on jerseys.  ​This process is very versatile offering many colors, print locations and a wide variety of garments.   It is limited to one or two colors and is not cost effective for large quantities. 

​We are happy to assist you in determining which process is best for your project.